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Acting our age

Members of the Bury St Edmunds Theatre Royal Act Your Age group have been hard at work, creating characters based on the Dunkirk Letters – and I got to sit in on a Zoom session and hear them performing the monologues.

It was amazing – people who were barely mentioned in the actual letters suddenly became centre stage – which in turn brought the whole letter to life.

A screengrab image of a Zoom meeting, showing 15 adults, each in their own space
Members of the Act Your Age improvisation group, meeting via Zoom to perform their monologues inspired by the Dunkirk Letters

Hopefully, we will be able to bring the Act Your Agers together with the children before term is finished – via Zoom, of course – and they can share more of the wonderful work they’ve all been doing with the Dunkirk Letters.

A pile of sheets of paper inside a box with an envelope stamped Special Delivery on the top
The contents of Amanda’s archive box, with the Special Delivery stamp taking pride of place on the top