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Acting your Age and enjoying jigsaws

Special Delivery began with some jigsaws, as the children pieced together copies of the Dunkirk Letters.

After this, the children created postcard self-portraits, cut them up into jigsaws and, using handmade envelopes, posted the puzzles to members of the Bury St Edmunds Theatre Royal Act Your Age group.

The group was thrilled to receive them and one participant sent the following letter: –

To the youngsters:

I loved the decorations on the envelopes, they would be too good to throw away (like I throw the plain ones away!).

You must have spent a lot of time deciding how to do them.

The different ways of cutting up the jigsaws were fascinating -showing the level of difficulty.

Gosh! some were very complex, I think I would have done the simple ones!

I thought the words you had written – explaining who you were and a little bit about yourselves – were very clear.

I would definitely have been pleased to receive one of those.

Well done, and thank you, Margaret