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Bye bye to Rock On

With Christmas came parties, discos – and the end of the Rock On project.

Over the last 24 months, we’ve run 126 music sessions, supported seven performance showcases and worked with 168 young people, as well as 19 youth workers and seven music tutors.

We’ve trained tutors and support workers to deliver the Discover and Explore Arts Awards, worked in youth clubs and housing support units, supported local youth festivals and demonstrated the value of using music-making as a means of engaging young people.

As one charity manager told us: –

β€˜The young people benefited in the following ways from taking part in the DJ sessions – they have firstly been able to try something totally new and different that we could not ordinarily offer at our clubs. They have grown in confidence, developed new skills and been able to focus on the task. For 2 young lads particularly they have been less disruptive and found something they enjoyed and got totally immersed in. For others they have learnt new transferable skills.’

A senior youth worker, when asked to comment on the sessions, wrote: –

β€˜[The sessions] have also given some of the young people who need it the most an outlet for issues they face within their lives and have proven a great way for those young people to relieve stress and anxiety and to channel any anger or pain in a more positive direction and potentially given them something to focus on for a better future.’

A huge thank you to all the tutors and staff who supported Rock On – and an equally huge thank you to all the young people who made Rock On rock; we wish you all the very best for a bright rock and pop future.

Before we go – here are just a few of the images, all taken by of sessions we ran in Leiston and Sutton Heath.


A young lad sits playing a guitar
A young man practising a guitar riff


A group of young people in a DJ session with tutor, Sophie Tott
Participants at the Rock On DJ sessions with tutor, Sophie Tott


The image is dark, evocative of a night club, and two young men are on the DJ decks, mixing their tunes