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Coppice has talent – lots of it

Last night, Coppice Court organised a Talent Show for the residents and Rock On tutors Matt and Candida were delighted to support the young people as they demonstrated their musical skills and abilities.

It takes a lot of confidence to stand up and sing in front of people you know – often it’s more daunting that doing it to complete strangers – and the young people were magnificent; they sang, played keyboards and generally shared all the things they’ve been learning over the last term of Rock On sessions.

And when the show was over – they carried straight on singing and playing; they just didn’t want to stop.

Congratulations to Beth for organising it and to all those who took part – and extra congratulations to Becky, who completed her Discover Arts Award; well done, everyone.

A young woman stands in front of a microphone, about to start singing a song A young girl singing into a microphone