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Lowestoft Folk – and heritage open days

What an amazing week of Lowestoft Folk fun.

First, story teller Lynn and artist Kate went to Elm Tree Primary School, where they worked in the specialist deaf and speech and language units.

The children really enjoyed the story and all joined in with making their very own boats-in-bottles and silver darlings.

A cardboard boat in a glass bottle with a message that reads Dear Sailors how long have you been sailing for? This is for every sailor. Love William A boat in a glass bottle with a message that reads Help, Help I need my swimming trunks. I'm going to Spain.

A woman sits next to a flip chart, on which she has drawn images and written the words museum, herring, Prunier and trophy Seven printed fish on a blue background

On Saturday, as part of the Heritage Open Days programme at Lowestoft Museum, Lynn wheeled the Cabinet of Curiosity out into the park, and invited visitors, both local and on holiday, to explore the treasures inside the tiny, gold-leaf lined drawers.

“I can’t believe they listened,” commented one parent, as her children stood, enthralled by Lynn’s stories of spies, crushed mouse and strings of sausages. Having listened to explanations about Lowestoft Crest ware and pin point work by a local shoemaker, a visitor told us, “We feel like we’re already a bit of an expert – we’d better go in and have a look at what’s inside.”

Story teller Lynn and a member of the public looking at a piece of Lowestoft Crest ware inside a small drawer. Two young boys looking into one of the small drawers in the Cabinet of Curiosity

Story teller Lynn is showing a member of the public a Suffolk Puff, a small circular piece of material used to make quilts A young couple looking at the Cabinet outside Lowestoft Museum

On Sunday, it was all down to the Maritime Museum – this time with artist Caitlin and musician Mary. The weather was glorious, and we set up the Sea Chest outside in the park and set to work making silver darlings and decorating shells, whilst Mary was joined by members of her singing group in Norwich, who proceeded to sing some of the shanties composed during the project. Listen to one of the shanties.

Two large scallop shells, one coloured red and silver and the other in bold coloured stripes A silver darling, made out of tissue paper and decorated with coloured pens

A young girl stands in front of the Sea Chest holding up a scallop shell she has decorated along with the fish she madeAs ever, our thanks to all our marvellous artists, the wonderfully supportive volunteers at both Museums – and to all the people who came along, joined in and were so enthusiastic about Lowestoft Folk.