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Lowestoft Folk at the library

A woman sits by a large sea chest, decorated to look like Lowestoft Harbour

The sun sizzled, the temperature soared – and Lowestoft Folk sailed into the main library in town, for a story time of Maritime Tales and a creative session, making tiny seascapes in petri dishes.

Lynn told the Maritime Tales whilst Sue – a BSL signer – interpreted the story. Everyone said how much they enjoyed it, and even Varley, the Hearing Dog for Deaf People, seemed to be having a good time.


A group of 4 children, flanked by two adults, is peering into an old sea chest  A young boy seated on a mat, alongside his black labrador dog. The dog is wearing a harness that says he's a Hearing Dog for Deaf People.Artist Kate Munro holding up a picture-in-a-petri dish as an example of the creative activity she was running that morning.



Meanwhile, over on the other side of the library, Kate was busy helping children create tiny little seascapes in petri dishes.

Once complete, a thin strip of wire was inserted into the dish, so that it could be suspended in front of a window; as the light shone through the dish, the amazing acetate colours really came to life, creating a truly magical image.

This was the second outing for the glorious Lowestoft Folk Sea Chest. We’ll be taking it to Britten Court Care Home later this week, and then on to Hildesley Court next week, for our celebration event. After that, the Sea Chest will go to its new home at the Lowestoft Maritime Museum.


An acetate picture of the sea with a big smiling sun, held up to the window with the light flooding in A beautiful blue seascape, complete with boat, and a stunning yellow landscape picture, each made out of small pieces of acetate and glued into a petri dish so that, when held up to a window, the light shines through, making the images even more brilliant and vibrant