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Lowestoft Folk; the final session

Friday was the final regular session in our Lowestoft Folk programme – and it was such fun, all the artists cried.

First off, Lynn got everyone thinking about what the project meant to them, the things they had done and what were their favourite bits. Then they had to come up with a really short way of writing that – on a stone. Everyone did one, and they were exchanged between the pairs.

Then we concentrated on the music – not least as Joe was there to record us all. We sang all the shanties that we’ve made up along the way, about Dockside Dandies and the Rolling King, and then Mary played us the tune to the loshort-long poem written by Isla and Tricia the previous week.

It was at that point that we all dissolved – it was beautiful, as is all the wonderful work that has been produced by all the fabulous participants over the last 11 weeks; thank you to everyone for making it all such a joy.