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Make, Do & Friends Connect in Risby

Photographer Gillian Allard visited Risby today, for the first Connect session with local residents.

After sharing a few top tips for taking photographs, Gillian walked round the village with the groups, as they took images of locations that connect them to their community.

The church, the huge elm tree, the duck pond and several other landmarks featured in their images, which will now be sent on to Gillian for mounting on specially-prepared wooden plaques.

Once that process is complete, Gillian will return to Risby and, together with participants, will site the images in different locations in the village, drawing peoples’ attention to the many and varied ways in which we connect with one another.

More news about this Connect intervention, and others planned by the Make, Do & Friends project, will feature on our new blog site, due to be launched next week – watch this space for details.

A woman is holding a laptop and showing some images to another woman. In the back ground are images that have been applied to wooden surfaces.
A few quick tips for taking photos before the group goes off to photograph their way round Risby.