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Meet the artist – Tom Hobden

Tom Hobden

We love to shine a light on the talented artists we get to work with on our projects, and this week it’s the turn of dance artist, Tom Hobden. Tom is part of the multi-disciplinary artist team that is helping to develop our VR Adventures project, so he’s currently playing around with new technology and thinking of innovative ways to bring creative wellbeing to hospitals and care settings across the county!

Can you tells us a little bit about your own practice?

I am a choreographer, educator, mentor and all-round lover of moving and dancing. I am also the artistic director of UNIT which brings dancing to all kinds of people in every place imaginable. I believe that everyone is a dancer and that we have so much to learn about ourselves and our identity through either performing, creating or watching dance. It my mission to see every day dancing for everybody, in the hope people can learn more about themselves and their communities.

What’s been your favourite artistic experience of the past 12 months?

In 2019 I was lucky enough to be awarded some money to really interrogate my artistic practice with three high profile mentors. It was great to have some time out from making something specific to just simply practice and question my skills as a choreographer.

Which Suffolk Artlink projects have you worked on to date?

I worked with young family carers during Suffolk Artlink’s ‘Avenues’ Project a few years ago, and am currently working on ‘VR Adventures’ as part of a multi-disciplinary group of artists, aiming to improve wellbeing in hospitals and care homes.

How has working with Suffolk Artlink influenced your work?

What I love most about Suffolk Artlink is their ability to listen carefully to their communities and their artists. To me this is true co-creation of work and it has influenced the way I shape and build my projects and my own communication.

How would you describe Suffolk Artlink in 3 words?

Community, Creative, Listeners.

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