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Old fashioned words – and how to keep letters private

Last week, the children were introduced to the Dunkirk letters – and got to open their archive boxes full of pens, paper and other resources they’re going to need over the next month or so.

This week, our story teller Lynn went through some of those letters and the children picked out unfamiliar words and phrases such as ‘keep your chin up’ and having to ‘close’ at the end of a letter.

Caitlin introduced the children to the delights of drawing to music; little did they know that, later that afternoon, they would transform their boldly decorated pieces of paper into neatly folded envelopes.

It was at this point that Lynn told us the reason for envelopes having patterns on the inside. Apparently, it’s to make the envelope more opaque and keep the contents more secure … it’s very hard to read a private letter through an opaque envelope.

Speaking of letters, I hope the children enjoy receiving their personal letters as much as I enjoyed writing them; I was thrilled to find Rupert Bear stamps, which seemed entirely appropriate for another special delivery.

Seven school children seated at tables, opening large cardboard archive boxes
The children at Abbots Green Academy opening their archive boxes