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Pickled Queenies and Molgoggers

On 7th June, the children went off for a trip to the Maritime Museum, where Kate and Lynn sent them off to draw items of folk art and collect weird and wonderful sounding words.

The image shows a young boy staring intently at an object that is out of view whilst drawing it in black ink on a piece of paper in front of him.  Two young girls seated on the floor each with a drawing board on their lap and drawing an object that is out of view of the photograph

Back at Hildesley, Caitlin helped the residents make their very own tote bags – something they had always wanted to do, once they’d seen how beautiful the children’s bags were.

After that, Mary led a music session in which we learned all about the jars of pickled queenies (scallops) that the trawler men brought back from the sea. As well as their ‘settlings’ (the pay they received for the catch), each fisherman was also given a big bag of fish, which they would share out around family and neighbours; as there were no fridges to keep it freshh, any left over fish would be buried in the back garden.