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Silent Rock On disco at NessFest 2019

When the Youth Team responsible for planning NessFest – the Lowestoft Youth Festival – said they wanted more music this year, Rock On was delighted to get involved; so it was that yesterday Lowestoft Library throbbed with the rapid beat of drum and bass music, as DJs Steve and Marco ran workshops throughout the day.

At the same time, members of the Youth Team were busy compiling a NessFest Play List, asking other young participants for their favourite tracks.

That evening, it all came together at a magical silent disco. Headphones were given to everyone, enabling them to select between three different channels – one being a live mix with DJ Marco, the second being the NessFest Play List, and the third good old drum and bass, that I must confess sounds amazing through headphones.

As they left, young people were very enthusiastic about the event, saying that they’d love to do it again. Some said they’d found the experience ‘really relaxing’, and that it was lovely to have a space in which they could listen to music with their friends and ‘just chill out’. Others obviously enjoyed the chance to dance – not least some of the organisers.

DJ Steve has been running DJ sessions on alternate Tuesdays for some time now, and Rock On is thrilled to be able to support his work at Lowestoft Library, by extending those sessions so that they become weekly – maybe next year they’ll be holding a silent disco in the library.


A group of five young people, posing for a photograph in Lowestoft Library
Members of the Youth Team about to go off and make the NessFest Play List
A group of young people dancing.
Dancing to the NessFest Play List