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Something softer than soil

We’ve been thinking about ‘little things’ – as in the little things the soldiers wrote about in their letters home from Dunkirk – and also the things they asked for, like shaving soap and writing paper. Exploring the letters like this, looking for clues about what it was like, really brings the letters – and the circumstances under which they were written – to life.

When asked what ‘little things’ they would ask for, the children didn’t hesitate in their replies – and here’s the list, almost word for word, that they came up with.

Oh, some nice hot food, please – cauliflower cheese,
My pillow, I’d want my pillow, to cuddle at night.
Clean clothes, lots of clean clothes,
With warm socks, a hat and gloves.
Soap, and my tracky bottoms – they’re cosy and snug.
A roast dinner, Christmas dinner, that would be best.
A blanket, a blanket to lie on or
Something softer than soil, for my rest.

What a remarkable group of children. See you next week, when we’ll be welcoming Hannah (via Zoom) who will tell us all about Suffolk Record Office and share some of the other ‘little things’ they keep there.