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Sticky moments and marvellous music

The group has been busy stitching textile pictures of seascapes and this week their task was to make a circular frame for their pictures, like the ones the children had seen at the Maritime Museum; this is how they did it.

Everyone was given a sheet of grease proof paper plus an assortment of crayons and special decor pens. Kate played music associated with the sea, and everyone drew whatever came to mind; it’s clear that the group loves doing this and the results were stunning.

Which is why, when Kate then told them to rip up their pictures, there was a moment’s hesitation – they were so beautiful it seemed a shame to tear them to shreds.

Out came the pots of glue and polystyrene rings – and working in pairs everyone got very sticky, applying small pieces of decorated paper to the rings; it was a question of all hands on deck to hold and stick and smooth down.

A young girl sticking paper onto a polystyrene hoop whilst an adult holds it and helps to smooth down the paper. A lady pasting glue onto a small piece of paper whilst a girl beside her is selecting more pieces to be pasted onto a polystyrene ring

A young boy dipping a brush in a pot of glue whilst the man beside him is holding a polystyrene ring onto which they are pasting pieces of decorated paper Foreground a gentleman holding up a polystyrene ring onto which he and his young partner have pasted lots of pieces of decorated paper. In the background, another pair are doing the same thing.

The second part of the afternoon was spent making our own seascape music and singing the 48-hour Millionaire shanty that Mary has composed. The shanty is based on the children’s drawings of the Dockside Dandies in the Museum and also the stories told by residents at Hildesley about their experiences of husbands going off to sea, and bringing home a jar of pickled queenies – and their dirty washing.

And then it was time to leave, but not before two of the residents did the grand ‘reveal’ of their bags – our opening image says it all, I think she is very, very pleased to be part of Lowestoft Folk.