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A Kit Bag and a Trophy Poem

20th February 2024:

It being half term, there was no session with the Pakefield Pitch Invaders this week.

But we did visit the Hildesley High Flyers, and took along the Extra Time Kit Bag, for a little reminiscence about football in the ‘good old days’.

Old brown leather football boots circa 1940's, shin pads, a small silver trophy and a monochrome photograph of a football team

Leather football boots, and a small silver trophy kindly loaned by Laxfield and District Museum.








Two gentlemen seated in easy chairs reading football programmes


Just Flick to Kick! The Subbuteo catalogue 1972 contained news of a Subbuteo marathon match lasting 50 hours.





Pride of place in the kit bag are two pairs of old leather football boots, and a small silver trophy bearing the inscription: ‘Eye and District Football League, 1949-50’, all kindly loaned by Laxfield and District Museum.

There are also old programmes, featuring advertisements for Stanley Matthews Football Boots, books and comics and even some items of ‘pre-loved’ kit, including a pair of well-worn green and white football socks.

As the group chatted about personal sporting prowess, our goalie poet Dean took notes, as a warm up to creating a Trophy Poem by the end of the session.

A Trophy for Who?

Dean created a beautiful poem, celebrating the sporting talents of all the Hildesley High Flyers.

These included, Peggy’s championship snowballs, Doreen’s abilities to perform a backwards crab and then balance a small child on her stomach and Shirley’s love of netball and the need to share her P.E. kit.

Dean recited the poem at the end of the session, much to the amusement of all involved. You can hear the poem below.

Trophy poem

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