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We develop and deliver inclusive community arts programmes that support peoples’ health and wellbeing.

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Close up of trophies on cardboard box stands with children behind Blog posts

The residents at Beech House spent a happy morning cutting up cardboard tubes and fashioning a series of trophies, after which the children spent the afternoon decorating them with art work created over the last ten weeks.

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This photograph shows people in a workshop working in pairs to explore movement. Each pair has a pole which is held between them by each person pressing the palm of one hand against either end of the pole. You can see that the pairs are trying different movements while keeping the pole from falling by maintaining an even pressure on each end of the pole. The participants are concentrating and laughing a lot too. News

“I really enjoyed the mirroring movement activity, it felt like Tai Chi with lots of concentration and flow. I haven’t done anything like this before and I really enjoyed it.”

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Upcoming sessions

Mosaic tiles

Creative Boost is a series of artist led creative sessions at community groups including groups for family carers delivered as part of our Friends Around the Table project.

Part of Friends Around the Table

3 people making model fishing nets

Curious Minds is a mental health wellbeing project, delivered in partnership with Suffolk Libraries, the Food Museum and the Ipswich and East Suffolk Alliance.

Part of Curious Minds

Brave Art Summer Programme Bury St Edmunds

An arts training course for adults with learning disabilities, Brave Art offers students the chance to enjoy exploring a variety of art forms whilst developing creative and life skills.

Part of Brave Art

at Bury St Edmunds Library

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Enjoy this Extra Time guided meditation as part of our do it yourself sessions

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