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Annual review 2022 Text only

What we do

Suffolk Artlink is a participatory arts charity. We develop and deliver inclusive arts programmes that support peoples’ health
and wellbeing.

Our creative projects help people transform their lives through the arts by bringing skills, support networks, confidence and joy to communities in the East.

We work in places including hospitals, hospices, residential homes, schools and community venues. Our work is led by experienced arts practitioners, encompassing a rich variety of art forms, and is delivered in close partnership with care, education, voluntary and community organisations.


Co-Chairs’ and Co-Directors’ reviews

Our achievements

Our participatory programme in brief

Growing our support

Financial review

Thank you

Co-Chairs’ review

Sarah Bardwell
Jeni Draper

Suffolk Artlink’s work over the last year has grown and developed as we continue to be an enormously valuable and appreciated feature of the participatory arts culture in the region. We have learnt much from the experiences during the pandemic to develop hybrid engagement which encourages significant amounts of flexibility and inclusivity.

Our reputation as experienced and knowledgeable practitioners meant that as well as new projects developing particularly where needs changed, funders have also maintained their vital support even where some projects took alternative directions. The continued unwavering financial input from all our supporters has been especially important to our participants over the last year. We are grateful that our work has been recognised and celebrated by our partners and communities including First Light Festival, Suffolk Open Studios, Suffolk County Council, Community Action Suffolk and Suffolk Libraries.

Finally, enormous thanks and admiration go to Hayley, Alex, and all the staff team who deliver the most impressive array of activity in what remains a challenging environment. Thanks also to participants, volunteers and the board of trustees who all play their part in ensuring the success of Suffolk Artlink.

Co-Directors’ message

Alex Casey
Hayley Field

We are really proud to share our annual review with you. You will find lots of examples of creatively re-connecting, both through our projects and the resources developed and shared online and in sessions. The breadth of our work has kept us very busy – from Brave Art’s global theme of ‘One World’ to turning a macro lens to explore the soil in Wild About Kirkley, and looking at local collections of letters as part of Special Delivery.

Whilst continuing to adapt and deliver the mainstays of our programme, we have also responded to new needs, finding different ways of working with people – especially around place. From Eye and Halesworth, to Ipswich and Lowestoft, our artists and participants have dug beds, foraged hedges, whispered poems and forged new currency to encourage shared experiences and new ways of exploring familiar places.

We are so pleased that the year has seen a slow return to face to face sessions, but we also remain flexible to the changing situation. Our amazing freelance artists, staff and volunteers, have helped develop safe and imaginative spaces for people to re-establish their confidence and stretch their creative potential. It is wonderful to be ending the year by planning intergenerational tea parties to celebrate new friendships between school children and care home residents.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for their hard work. As always, we are inspired by the talent, creativity and energy shown by our staff, artists, volunteers and participants.

Our achievements

In 2021–22 we delivered 465 activities to over 1,000 participants in the East.

1,011 project participants

465 activities delivered

44,970 audience reached

96 artists employed

25 volunteers supported

How we delivered

2021–22 saw our return to face-to-face sessions, but we’ve also continued to find new ways
of working with people – online, by phone and by post.

While just over half of participants attended face-to-face or online sessions, 47% took part in our DIY sessions – whenever and wherever it suited them.

31% live face-to-face sessions

22% live online sessions

Our participatory programme in brief

Kirkley Creates

Exploring a sense of place

A partnership to explore a sense of place with local residents and connect with the First Light Festival

Led by artist collaborative The Third Person we welcomed Kirkley residents to grow, eat and share through a series of inspiring, social and creative weekly sessions at Kirkley Pantry and the Kirkley Centre. From foraging and cooking, to drawing and dance, we creatively explored the local area. Activities were led by artists, Carrie Phoenix and Kasia Posen, alongside guests including forager, Jon Tyler and dance theatre company Casson & Friends.

A partnership between Suffolk Artlink, First Light Festival and Community Action Suffolk

‘ It was great to be involved with this project during a very difficult time, it raised the spirits of the community.’

Said: Kareena Chapman of Community Action Suffolk

Watch a recording of Tiny Dance Kirkley by Casson & Friends

Bravery to socialise

Participant’s story

‘It’s a big change to being stuck at home with family all of the time.’

Said: Bryony, Kirkley Creates participant

Bryony is a family carer and hasn’t worked since leaving school. COVID led her to retreat into the home more. She used Kirkley Creates as part of her plan to try and do more. She took part in several sessions as part of the project – foraging, painting, sewing, planting and working with the dancers, also attending First Light’s event on Lowestoft Beach. Being part of Kirkley Creates supported Bryony to develop her confidence and to be creative. Following the project, she went on to attend an arts course at a local college.

What has changed? What were things like before?

‘Getting to know other people. I stopped talking to a lot of my friends after leaving the 6th form.’

‘It’s nice to get out and do things that are creative and to socialise. Nice to know there are going to be some familiar faces.‘

What stood out most for you?

‘Feeling more confident – putting myself out there and networking. Talking to new people without Mum.’

Tell me about anything that has changed for you

‘Confidence of being able to socialise. It’s a big changeto being stuck at home with family all of the time.’

Little Beats

Improving child development

Improving wellbeing, child development and musical engagement among pre-school children in partnership with Suffolk Libraries.

Artists and librarians share skills and experience to develop their creative practice and deliver musical activities in libraries for pre-school children and their carers.

A programme of masterclasses and mentoring focused on online delivery, confidence
building and reaching new participants. New resources were created to support future sessions. The project was developed in 2022 to work with more library staff, support emerging music leaders and offer outreach sessions.

‘It’s given us space for reflection, and rejuvenation.‘

Said: Sally Garwood, Suffolk Libraries Creative Programmes Coordinator

Around the Table

Respite for carers

Social get-togethers for adult family carers exploring food, creativity and culture

Around the Table offered adult family carers respite from their caring role and
the opportunity to develop new support systems, build confidence and a new
sense of passion and achievement through exploring food, creativity and culture.
During 2021/22 we offered a blend of online group sessions, postal activities and
in person meet ups. Sessions took place at the Food Museum in Stowmarket, The
Deaf Centre in Bury St Edmunds and at the Kirkley Pantry in Lowestoft.

‘Good to meet new people and do something different.’

Said: Alison, a Family Carer

Clown Round

Adapting to new ways of supporting young patients

’Such wonderful people who continue to make us all smile, time and time again and
who have been such a significant part of our 10 year journey … Thank you for continuing
to provide the virtual options for those of us who find it difficult still to attend the in person
events. It really does mean so much.’

Said: A participant’s parent

Our Clown Doctors bring fun, laughter and distraction to children, young people and their families in hospitals and hospices across Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex.

Our team of Clown Doctors focus on supporting and empowering young patients and their families during what can be a challenging time, tailoring activities thoughtfully and sensitively, putting the individual at the heart of each interaction.

Since 2020 we have visited hospitals and hospices in person where possible. When restrictions were in place we created online resources and delivered online home and hospice visits to EACH Hospice’s families over Zoom. Our team of Clown Doctors have continued to respond to the needs of the children they visit, whilst also adapting their ways of working to meet the current guidance from our healthcare partners.

‘My daughter absolutely loved it, it’s been the only thing to get her back onto her feet.’

Said: A participant’s parent

Celebrating us

Reducing social isolation

Place based artist residencies to address social isolation. Sculptor Alice-Andrea Ewing, Dance Artist Laura McGill and Poet Dean Parkin worked in Eye, Ipswich and Halesworth; reaching local people through community groups, libraries, and care homes to reduce isolation and increase wellbeing. From movement exercises to a community video poem and designing a new currency, people took part online, by phone, through activity packs and in face to face sessions.

‘These sort of conversations make you feel connected again.’

Said: Ann, Creative Conversation participant

Watch the Halesworth whispers video poem


Arts and mental wellbeing

Creativity Arts Libraries Museums is a heritage, arts and mental health partnership

During the year project partners worked together to develop a pilot, with the aim of testing an approach that could be rolled out more widely in the future. A multidisciplinary team of six artists were recruited and took part in a BLOC lab (Building Libraries on Creativity) with Suffolk Libraries to develop their practice and work collaboratively. Artists have attended a series of Mental Health training sessions as part of their development in preparation for the courses. The artists have gone on to plan for the seven week courses which will be delivered at
Ipswich Transport Museum and the Food Museum in Stowmarket.

A partnership project between Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Libraries, Suffolk Museums and Suffolk Artlink

‘I’ve really enjoyed working in a group together with other artists.’

Said: A CALM artist

Friends Around the Table

Making rural connections

Offering family carers, and people living rurally, relaxed and enjoyable creative gettogethers
exploring food, culture and nature.

Friends Around the Table develops new connections in Suffolk’s rural community and builds on learning from other projects. Sessions are led by professional artists, chefs
and food-led practitioners.

Series of sessions took place in Stowmarket, Woodbridge and online, supporting people to improve their wellbeing through taking part in inspiring activities, developing and sharing skills and meeting new people. Groups were supported to continue to meet and access resources to lead their own activities.

‘For my mental stability, I needed to be around safe people.’

Said: A participant

A safe environment

Prescriber’s story

‘Individuals came alive when encouraged to express themselves freely in a safe environment.’

Said: Jess Kemp, a Social Prescriber

Early on in the project we ran a series of sessions in Stowmarket, where we instantly had referrals from the local social prescriber who shared that the need in that area for this type of work was strong. The positive impact that the safe and relaxed environment provided, was quick to have beneficial results:

Jess Kemp, Stowmarket’s Social Prescriber explains:

‘I referred 5 people to Friends Around the Table at MEAL and witnessed first-hand the therapeutic benefits of art. Individuals, who during their first social prescribing assessment, spoke of hopelessness, low self-esteem and anxiety, came alive when encouraged to freely express themselves in a safe space, with purpose and without judgment. One participant told me she nearly didn’t attend due to anxiety but following the session was surprised by her abilities and excitedly spoke of planned future creative endeavours and social connections.’

Off the back of the success of the Stowmarket sessions, Friends Around the Table has gone on to enable a legacy group of Stowmarket participants to continue meeting independently. The project has moved on to other areas now, but a friendly, safe place remains in Stowmarket for the group to get together, with creative resources provided by our parent project, Make, Do & Friends.

Wild About Kirkley

Improving wellbeing through the outdoors

A project bringing the wellbeing benefits of being outdoors, a connection to nature and creating new social opportunities to Kirkley residents

Focused on developing Kirkley Pantry’s new community garden, local people have grown, tasted, shared and discovered through a series of creative workshops, talks and walks. With the support of special guests, we created no-dig beds, designed willow structures for the garden and programmed fascinating talks and presentations exploring the local
environment in new ways.

‘Really informative and inspiring activity … Thank you for including more accessible options too so that everyone could take part.’

Said: Bryony, a participant

Special Delivery

Bringing young and old together

Our intergenerational creative heritage project exploring the art of communication.

Guided by a team of artists including theatre-makers, creative writers, visual and digital artists, Special Delivery brings different generations together to explore the art of communication. In 2021/22 we sent inspiring resources into primary schools, care homes and sheltered housing schemes, and delivered online and face to face sessions.

In Lowestoft and Halesworth, Special Delivery took participants on a journey from personal postcards to collective collages, connecting the two groups as they investigated historical approaches to letter-writing and shared correspondence of their own.

Watch a video of Special Delivery at Suffolk Archives

Imagining a Better World

Global collaborations

A project to build connections and collaborations between artists living in Suffolk and Malawi.

A British Council funded project in collaboration with Unlimited, this was an amazing opportunity for two learning disabled artists from Brave Art to enter an online artistic dialogue with a lead artist and facilitator living in Malawi. The project involved sharing ideas and art forms encompassing the theme of Utopia. The artists drew on their cultural backgrounds to share music, dance, storytelling, costume and photography.

‘Our differences enrich our lives and expand our horizons in a beautiful way.’

Said: A participant’s mother

Brave Art

Creating together

Arts training courses across Suffolk for adults with learning disabilities

Brave Art courses offer students the chance to explore a variety of art forms whilst developing creative and life skills. Following over a year of reaching students remotely by phone, post and online, the course returned to face to face sessions in the Autumn. Working from three new venues in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich and Lowestoft, the year-long course took the theme of One World, giving students the opportunity to explore landscapes, art and culture from around the world.

‘It’s nice not to be home all the time.’

Said: Rosie, Brave Art student

Doing it ‘right‘

Project Officer’s story

‘His growing sense of confidence, became more evident in his work.’

Said: Candida Suffolk Artlink, Project Officer

Chris joined us as a new student in Lowestoft. In his fifties he had not participated in any artwork since school. Chris lives on his own and his aunt recognised that he was becoming quite isolated, especially during the pandemic. He was quite nervous about joining the group and we helped to settle him in and a member of staff sat with him during the sessions. This following commentary is documented by his 1:1 support.

Candida Suffolk Artlink Project Officer

At first, Chris constantly asked if he was ‘doing it right’.

One day, I suggested we take a photo of some work he’d made – and he volunteered his phone camera. So then we talked about how he could send the photo to someone and he suggested his aunt. We took a photo, sent it, and almost immediately, she replied, complimenting him on it. He was so proud, so happy to have shared something he’d made and to get a positive immediate response.

After that, we regularly photographed his work and sent them to his family – in fact, he often greeted me by suggesting that we could send photos of his work … he was already looking forward to making something and sharing it with his aunts.

Their positive responses, and his growing sense of confidence, became more evident in his work, as he began to experiment a little more, and worry less about ‘getting it right’.

In my last session with him, he said; ‘I’m getting good at this, aren’t I?’. It wasn’t so much a question, as a statement.

Let’s Get Creative

Sharing skills

A partnership led by Suffolk Libraries’ to develop a new web directory, showcasing free and low-cost events and activities

As part of our work we have developed new resources and activities, also working with Stradbroke Library to create a new community tapestry for their venue. Artists worked with a large intergenerational group of residents to plan and make the tapestry, which is a wonderful
representation of their village. It proved to be a valued social outlet for the community, providing a chance to be creative together at weekly gatherings.

Restart grant

Safer delivery

East Suffolk Council’s restart grant, supported by the Collaborative Communities Board, provided funds for audiovisual equipment for groups to interact virtually and COVID-19 signage to support safer delivery of face-to-face activity.

Website and virtual

Improving our online services

Funding from Leslie Mary Carter Charitable Trust and East of England Co-op Community Cares Fund is enabling Suffolk Artlink to redevelop the charity’s website and online content to improve our accessible virtual and online services and better communicate with our participants.

Growing our support

As with every year, it was important for us to continue to raise awareness of the work we do, and encourage individuals and businesses in the community to support us.

Thank you to everyone who supported us over the last year, including our wonderful partners Suffolk Open Studios, who we continue to work with. Thanks also to Arabella Marshall, whose campaign kickstarted a year that saw exciting opportunities for us to celebrate and fundraise for our work.

Read on to hear more about some of the events we have been involved in as well as more ways you can support our work.

Suffolk Artlink unwrapped!

We were really pleased in May when we received £1,505 from Stephanie Jarvis
at Chateau de Lalande.

The money was raised by views of ‘Cadeaux at the Chateau’ YouTube episode where ‘Brown Dog’ by Colin Brinkley and the ‘Be Weird’ tea towel by Paul Boast were unwrapped. This funding was a lovely example of creativity spreading more creativity.

Our administrator Miles enjoys watching the Chateau Diaries YouTube episodes where the creativity goes into improving a building and a hospitality business. When they announced that they were doing a YouTube channel where the advert revenue would be donated to charities, Miles thought it would be worth asking if they would donate to us. Miles knew there was a connection to Suffolk and then afterwards found out Gerry, a member of Stephanie’s family knows a Brave Art student too. This means that we were able to invite Gerry to see for himself our work at our Garden Party.

Watch the Cadeaux at the Chateau episode

Sharing our work

The inaugural Suffolk Artlink Garden Party took place in September 2021 and was a fantastic opportunity to get together in person with friends and participants to share and celebrate some of the fantastic work that had taken place over the years.

Located in the wonderful garden of our Trustee Jane Dyball, there was plenty to see and do including an exhibition of artwork by participants, a trail of monsters created by the Brave Art students hidden in the trees and bushes, craft activities including natural dyes and collage, live music performances and spot the duck! It was also a fantastic fundraising event and the raffle, tombola, refreshments and ticket sales generated a fabulous £1,562.31 towards future activities with communities in Suffolk. A HUGE thank you to Jane and her family as well as Rachael Murray and her team of helpers for making it such a successful day.

Arabella Marshall fundraising campaign

Arabella Marshall is a Suffolk-based glass artist whose work can currently be seen at RSPB Minsmere nature reserve.

Her special commission, ‘A Wing And A Prayer‘, is a piece of public art inspired by the thriving yet vulnerable natural environment at Minsmere, located on the Suffolk Coast. As part of the wider project, in recognition of the work Suffolk Artlink does to use art to inspire our communities, Arabella teamed up with friend and Suffolk Artlink Trustee Kate Axon to launch a fundraising campaign in aid of our work: ‘During a time when most of us have experienced at least moments of mental vulnerability you can imagine how Suffolk Artlink’s work is even more important than ever. You can also imagine how everyone is working doubly hard to make sure the services are reaching the people who could most benefit.‘

Watch a film about Arabella’s artwork

Financial review

Company Limited by Guarantee

Statement of financial activities

(Including Income and Expenditure account)

Income and endowments

Donations and legacies

2022 Unrestricted funds £84,502, 2022 Restricted funds £339,935, 2022 Total funds £424,455, 2021 Total funds £345,124

Charitable activities

2022 Unrestricted funds £4,293, 2022 Restricted funds £10,831, 2022 Total funds £15,124, 2021 Total funds £15,072

Investment income

2022 Unrestricted funds £2,074, 2022 Restricted funds -, 2022 Total funds £2,074, 2021 Total funds £3,211

Total income

2022 Unrestricted funds £90,869, 2022 Restricted funds £335,124, 2022 Total funds £441,653, 2021 Total funds £363,407


Charitable activities

2022 Unrestricted funds £93,977, 2022 Restricted funds £335,124, 2022 Total funds £429,101, 2021 Total funds £386,102

Total expenditure

2022 Unrestricted funds £93,977, 2022 Restricted funds £335,124, 2022 Total funds £429,101, 2021 Total funds £386,102

Net income/(expenditure) and net movement in funds

2022 Unrestricted funds (£3,108), 2022 Restricted funds £15,660, 2022 Total funds £12,552, 2021 Total funds (£22,695)

Reconciliation of funds

Total funds brought forward

2022 Unrestricted funds £116,820, 2022 Restricted funds £214,339, 2022 Total funds £331,159, 2021 Total funds £353,854

Total funds carried forward

2022 Unrestricted funds £113,712, 2022 Restricted funds £229,999, 2022 Total funds £343,711, 2021 Total funds £331,159

The statement of financial activities includes all gains and losses recognised in the year. All income and expenditure derive from continuing activities.

Balance sheet

31 March 2022

Fixed assets

Tangible fixed assets

2022 £276, 2021 £554

Current assets


2022 £114,127, 2021 £1,879

Cash at bank and in hand

2022 £328,181, 2021 £366,625

Debtors and cash at bank and in hand

2022 £442,308, 2021 £368,504

Creditors: Amounts falling due within one year

2022 (£98,873), 2021 (£37,899)

Net current assets

2022 £343,435, 2021 £330,605

Total assets less current liabilities

2022 £343,711, 2021 £331,159

Net assets

2022 £343,711, 2021 £331,159

Funds of the charity

Restricted funds

2022 £229,999, 2021 £214,339

Unrestricted funds

2022 £113,712, 2021 £116,820

Total charity funds

2022 £343,711, 2021 £331,159

Financial summary

Our income in 2021–2022 %

Suffolk County Council 27.6%
National Lottery Community Fund 23.3%
Children in Need 11.1%
Heritage Lottery Fund 9.0%
Suffolk Community Foundation 7.1%
Youth Music 6.2%
Other grants 5.9%
Arts Council England 5.0%
Charitable activities 3.4%
Other Local Authority Grants 0.9%
Investment income 0.5%

Project expenditure in 2021–2022 %

Older People 15.3%
People with Learning Disabilities 33.4%
Young People 17.1%
Intergenerational 12.5%
Community and Place 21.7%

Thank you

Our artists, volunteers and partners

The delivery of our work this year is thanks to the exceptional dedication, commitment and creativity of a great many people.

Our artists

Reuben Abbott, Gillian Allard, Amarnah Amuludun, Sarah Jane Anthony, Arts La’Olam, Rachel Bennett, Nathan Berry, Blanch & Shock, Michelle Brace, Felicity Brown, Leo Burtin, Jacquie Campbell, Alfie Carpenter, Tony Carter, Tim Casson, Casson & Friends, Chisomo, Max Clarke, Jaki Clibbon, Carl Cole, Cooknst Ltd, Creative Nation – Alex Jeffery, Filomena Cristallino, Jaqueline Davis, Johann Don-Daniel, Chris Draude, Lucy Enskat, Alice-Andrea Ewing, Zoe Firth, Ella Fleetwood, Gryphen Ford, Sophie Fox, Caroline Gervay, Emily Godden, Alicia Gooch, Kaia Goodenough, Bryan Hall, Lily Hammond, Mary Harris, Harvey Harris, Chris Hart, Tom Hobden, Maurice Horhut, Xenia Horne, James Howard, Caitlin Howells, Nick Ilott, Naomi Jaffa, Catherine Johnson, Nqobile Khoza, Lynnette King, Adam Lawes, Daisy Lees, Pete Letanka, Sarah Lewis, Rhobert Magasi, Linford Mann (CEFAS), Arji Manuelpillai, Rosy May, Laura McGill,Charmaine McKissock, Chloe Mead, Charlie Meyer, Kimberley Moore, Freddy Morris, Sam Moss, Kate Munro, Shelly O’Brien, Mary-Lou Owen, Papaya Verte Ltd, Dean Parkin, Sally Payne, Carrie Phoenix, Willow Phoenix – Emma Lucas and Adam Lawes, Corina Piatti, Kasia Posen, Richard Pye, Rachel Perry, Emilia Ramsey, Genevieve Rudd, Ashley Smith, Rob Spray, Chloe Tatum, Kirsty Thorpe, Jon Tyler, Muntu Valdo, Real Veg – Rachel Perry and Chloe Tatum, Lana Walker, Dawn Watson, Richard Watts, Linos Wengara, Lynn Whitehead, Lewis Wickwar, Matthew Winston, Emma Withers, Lindsay Wright

Our volunteers

Rachel Biggins, Jane Bryant, Josh Dear, Freddie Dunkley, Rosie Flood, Stella Goddard, Robert Gridley, Allison Hackett, Harvey Harris, Chris Hart, Laura Jacobsen, Mike James, Pauline Judge, Sam Large, Charlie Meyer, Mary-Lou Owen, Amanda Potter, Diana Power, Re-Utilise, Gary Rowland, Penny Shepherd Barron, Pam Smith, Natalie Tarling, Alison Western, Polly Wheeler

Our partners

Bury Football Club, CEFAS, Community Action Suffolk, DanceEast, East Anglia Children’s Hospices (The Nook and The Treehouse), East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (Ipswich and Colchester Hospitals), East Suffolk Council Community Connectors, First Light Festival, Fit Villages, HomeStart, Inside Out Community, Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group, James Paget University Hospital, Kirkley Pantry, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, One Life Suffolk, Real Veg, Stradbroke Library, Suffolk Archives, Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Family Carers, Suffolk Libraries, Suffolk Museums, Suffolk Open Studios, The Association for Suffolk Museums, The Kirkley Centre, The Rural Coffee Caravan, The New Wolsey Theatre, Thinklusive, Willow Phoenix

Our funders & supporters

Alex Baker-Woods, Alex Casey, Alistair Winch, Anita Cameron, Arabella Marshall, Arts Council England, Association for Suffolk Museums, Babergh District Council, BBC Children in Need, British Council Micro Awards, Chateau de Lalande, Dr Sally Irvine, East Suffolk Council Restart Grant via Collaborative Communities Board, Eric Orme, Esmee Wilcox, ft’work, Georgia Watson, Hayley Brett Dance Studio, Hayley Field, Jane Dyball, Jeni Draper, Kate Axon, Lowestoft Rising, Madeleine Baker-Woods, Mark Howard, Mid Suffolk District Council, Mike James, National Heritage Lottery Fund, National Lottery Community Fund, Rachel Bennett, Sarah Bardwell, Simon Gibson Charitable Trust, Suffolk Community Foundation (East of England Co-op Community Cares Fund, Realising Ambitions, Suffolk Giving Fund), Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Open Studios, Take Note, Tony Butler, Youth Music. A big thank you also goes to everyone that has held a personal fundraiser to support our work this year.

Become a supporter

Help us to transform lives through the arts

If you’d like to help bring skills, support networks, confidence and joy to people in the East, why not support our work? Whether an individual or a business, you can transform lives through the arts by:

  • Giving a regular monthly donation, helping to provide us with an essential source of reliable income.
  • Making a one-off donation.
  • Holding a fundraising event in your community.
  • Taking part in a sponsored challenge.

£10 buys art materials to bring laughter to children in hospital.

£50 pays to hire a space to bring people together to get creative and make friends.

£120 pays for a professional artist to lead a workshop that brings old & young together.

‘ It’s not loneliness, it’s isolation – being cast adrift, no sound, no movement, dangling in nothing. These sort of conversations make you feel connected again.’

Said: Ann, a Creative Conversation participant (Creative Conversation is part of our Celebrating Us project developed to address social isolation)

Our team


Co-Chairs: Sarah Bardwell, Jeni Draper.

Treasurer: Mike James.

Kate Axon, Maddie Baker-Woods, Sydney Burges (outgoing), Jane Dyball, Chloe Pearson, Alice Whitney.

Shadow trustees: Mary Lou Owen, Patrick Parker, Sally Payne.

Staff team

Co-Directors: Alex Casey, Hayley Field.

General Manager: Alistair Winch.

Communications and Development Manager: Rachael Murray (outgoing).

Administrator: Miles Row.

Project Development Officers: Bridie Coombes (outgoing), Kasia Don-Daniel, Siobhan Johnson, Charlie Meyer, Carrie Phoenix, Fran Speight, Candida Wingate.

Learning Support Tutor: Rachel Bennett.

Learning Support Assistants: Jen Johnson, Ema Scrivener.


Innes Anderson, Sharon Cuthbert, Zoe Firth, Alicia Gooch, Emilia Ramsey, Callum Rushmer.

Suffolk Artlink
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