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Cake, kiwi—and celebration cups

26th March 2024

Our final session together—and with so much to cram in, it’s no wonder we started off getting a bit ‘tangled up’.

Throwing balls of wool across the room to each other resulted in a wonderfully tangled net, and a lot of words suggested by players, to describe their feelings about Extra Time.

Then Dean led both teams in a rousing rendition of their footballing Anthem which you can listen to below.


Extra Time High Flyers and Pitch Invaders Anthem

A mixed group of adults and children seated round a coffee table chatting to one another
Having a chat and a laugh

A Celebration Trophy for Everyone

Our final activity together was to make personalised trophies to celebrate all that has been achieved.

It’s been such a wonderful 12 weeks, working with residents at Hildesley Court and the children from Pakefield Primary School, that it seemed only fitting that everyone should be awarded a trophy.

Among the inscriptions, there was one for a dad who didn’t give up, despite having cracked two ribs, a trophy of thanks from one player to another, for helping them out; someone even awarded themselves a trophy for Not Eating Fruit.

We’ve learnt about football in the town and we’ve learnt some things about each other; we’ve even learnt a little bit about ourselves. As one participant wrote:

‘I did not know I would have so much fun.’

But, like everyone else involved, she knows now.

Hildesley High Flyers

On the Spot Dot
Stitch on the Pitch, Joan
No Whistle Trish
Steady Eddie
Saint Ninety Doreen
Playful Peter
Speedy Shirley
Doreen Ajar
In-it-to-Win-it Peggy
Instant Ina

Subs: Derek and Val

Pakefield Pitch Invaders

Invincible Isabella
All the Time Toast Chloe
Hero of the Hour Henry
Black Eye Bella
Space Defender Yvie
Everywhere Keane
Potato Purtarter Sophia
Fast and Sharp Naomi
Back of the Net Elliot
Shine on Shona

Linesmen: ‘Wings’ Starling, Magic Heels Potter, Samantha

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