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Creating an Extra Time Anthem

It was a tuneful session today as the Britten Court Angels wrote their own football chant and added some slick chorus moves.

Every good team deserves an anthem and, with Dean calling from the lines, Jen keeping an eye on the field of play and the Archive All-Stars as inspiration, the Britten Court Angels came up with some wonderful lyrics—and moves—this week.

First, they suggested lines reflecting their individual footballing prowess.

Thus there’s Mumbo Jumbo Spitfire ‘flying with grace’, Elfryn ‘the Menace, smashing it in the net’, not to mention Regal Rodders claiming ‘the ball is mine’.

And, as every good anthem deserves a chorus, the group created one that sounds positively triumphant.

Sing It, Ring It,
Kick it off the line,
Grab it, smash it
…all in Extra Time.

Bring on the Champ, clap and stamp

Gentleman seated in armchair holding up to strips of paper with handwritten notes saying Bring on the Champ, Clap and Stamp, Left jab, right jab, everywhere a jab jab

Suggested lines for their anthem

Strips of green paper with handwritten lines

Our man saving it on the line

A gentleman seated, holding a strip of green paper, with woman seated in brown armchair looking on

The whites and blues never lose

Later, at Roman Hill, the children also enjoyed creating a footie anthem, using many of the details they had discovered about the Archive All-Stars.

Kirkley FC, 21 moustaches
Trawler boys, patroller boys
Shirley Jones and her broken collar bone, … just wanted to go home.

They play at Crown Meadow and have a crown
Terry Butcher, local hero, had a very bad nosebleed
and almost died!
Ethel Brown rang her bell,
she also made refreshments as well.

The Roman Hill players, suggesting some en-chanting lines and the finished article, expertly taped together by Dean

Children seated a rows of yellow and blue desks


A young boy wearing white T-shirt and grey jogging trousers, holding up a poem written on strips of green paper

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