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Extra Time Champions

Members of the Roman Hill Football Club—and cupcakes

The Finals …

Today was the final Extra Time session between Roman Hill Football Club and the Britten Court Angels—and what an Extra Time they had.

Between reciting the Anthem, finishing off the medals and a brief awards ceremony that included a special card from Dean and Caitlin, there was hardly any time left to dig into the fabulous refreshments; the cupcakes looked amazing and must have taken ages to eat.

… and the results are in

Kian said he loved visiting the Suffolk Archives, Mia’s favourite parts were meeting new people and doing something different every week and Lacey really enjoyed the trip to Suffolk Archives. Joe learnt more about football from the past, Stan enjoyed spending time with the children and Jim thought they behaved really well. Mia knows a lot more about Lowestoft FC now, Maisie has got better at art and Oscar found out more about football. Pigtails enjoyed making the anthem, Elfryn loved the old football boots and Alan loved cheering along and joining in. They are all champions.

A few of the Britten Court Angels with their Extra Time medals

Referee Jo and a pre-match warm-up session

A woman in a turquoise top grins towards the camera. Her hair is braided in two pigtails that hang either side of her face and she is wearing a large gold medallion

A gentleman wearing a grey cardigan and dark trousers stands with arms outstretched, leading the group in some exercises. Around the room are schoolchildren in black and white uniform and other adults with arms in the air. Foreground right stands a woman dressed in black and a lime green scarf

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