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Kick off

12th September 2023: Kick off

Rosettes, Archive All-Stars—and a fieldy zoo without the animals.

The season opened with Caitlin and Jen coaching the Britten Court residents in how to make personalised football rosettes.

The group chatted about their own footballing experiences and suggested some warm-up exercises for the children to do.

So it was that the Roman Hill children started their Extra Time season with star jumps, leg stretches and knee bends.

After that, it was time to meet the Archive All-Stars, a pack of cards illustrating local footballing history, inspired by documents at Suffolk Archives in Lowestoft.

Is that what they were expecting to find at the Archives? Evidently not as, when asked, one child described an archive as being … ‘a fieldy zoo without the animals’.

When asked why they wanted to take part in Extra Time, the children answered …

• meet other people …

• make new friends …

• learn things & impress my family.

Residents wear their rosettes with pride, whilst the children share their reasons for taking part in Extra Time

Reasons for wanting to take part:

I like art and football. I want to learn more about football to impress my family AKA brother.

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