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Dream Team and Roman Hill Angel verses

Our second ‘fixture’, with the children from Roman Hill Primary visiting residents at Britten Court, and the atmosphere was absolutely charged as goalie-poet Dean read his poem, ‘Grandad in Goal’.

‘We’ve heard that,’ the children chorused, and they had indeed, as it was read to them back in the spring, when we first introduced the idea of taking part in Extra Time.

The players were split into two teams, the Dream Team and the Roman Hill Angels, as Dean helped them identify their unique player skills.

Magic knees, impressive cartwheels, own goals and hitting the bar all featured, as well as recognition of off-pitch activities, such as ‘eating half time oranges as she drives to the airport listening to Madonna’.

The individual lines were put together by Dean to create a team poem, but not before the two sides had paused for some half time refreshment and a little fact finding by the children.

And so it was that they discovered that Rod loves fish and chips – but it has to be cod, Joseph doesn’t like chips and Lacey didn’t know what celery was, whilst Sylvia used to play netball and Elfryn was a keen support of the Harlem Globe Trotters.

After which, it was time for the players to take turns reading their lines of verse before Dean did a final reading – with a pause between verses for a booming ‘You’re the greatest’.


‘This is so much fun and the children love it.’