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Factories, flourishes and fancy footwork

This week, the teams worked separately, chatting about their visit to Suffolk Archives and finishing off their worksheets.

Dean joined us, and soon he and Peggy were cooking up a storm, with Dean creating a visual interpretation of Peggy winning a trophy for the longest-lasting snowball, dressed in a special blue coat with red buttons (Peggy always wanted red buttons on her coat, but never got them), and wearing an eye-patch by way of explaining why Dean is drawing Peggy, and not the other way round.

They were all impressed by the Archives, commenting on how inviting it was, how helpful the staff had been – and how much they would like to go back.

The children were similarly impressed by what they had found out and, they told us, had already shared some of those things with their classmates and family.

Next week, Caitlin will be joined by artist Kate Munro and, together with the Extra Time teams, they will create even more ways of sharing some of their discoveries about football in Lowestoft.

‘It was like a goldmine. You started one place, but then you kept discovering little things along the way that you never knew and that really surprised you - like Lowestoft Time.’
‘If you were 10 minutes late here, you'd be on time in London.’
‘I never knew any of this. I never knew anything about the Waves or all the teams or about Terry Butcher - it's all new to me.’