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Getting to know you

A large handmade envelope, decorated with flowers and feathers, and an Important Invitation

Oh, the excitement of opening the envelope.

Inside, there were more envelopes and inside those were the individually wrapped and labelled ‘I am from …’ poems, written by residents at Beech House.

There was also that all important Invitation, which is to take tea with the residents in the garden at Beech House. Needless to say, the children are all very excited at the prospect and the answer is a resounding ‘Yes, please’.

The residents wrote about being from views of green fields and sea side, sounds of cows mooing and church bells, the smells of oil lamps and sweet peas, the taste of herbs, chocolate and red wine and feelings of happiness and being safe.

The residents also recorded their poems and it was lovely to hear their voices; we feel we are beginning to get to know one another a little bit.

Then it was on to the business of the day, examining a rather stern looking portrait of Mary Lincolne (not at all like the selfies taken nowadays), and recreating the effect.

From posing in silhouette, waiting for the Polaroid image to appear, creating picture cards using gilt paper and special calligraphy pens – it was a joyful afternoon and the children produced a series of lovely cards.

One of the students commented on the pleasure of writing with a calligraphy pen and even felt that, were she allowed to use it all the time, her handwriting might improve. Little does she know that there will be lots more opportunities to put that theory to the test.