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Greetings and Goodbyes

This week, residents at Hildesley Court got to read the responses to the postcards they wrote last week to the Pakefield Primary school children.

A handwritten postcard addressed 'Hello Young Friend A postcard written by Libby

As Libby noted, it felt strange writing to someone she had never met, and part of the session was spent chatting about different ways of addressing letters, from ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ to signing off with ‘Your obedient servant’ or, if you were asking for something, ‘Yours hopefully’.

Then, over to the school, where we repeated the activity and got a flurry of emojis and other social media shorthand for greetings and goodbyes, including my favourite ‘meh’.

Artist Caitlin shared some postcards she’d been sent from Australia, after which the children set about answering the new questions asked by the adults, and decorating their names.

A group of pupils at Pakefield Primary
The Special Delivery group at Pakefield Primary School