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Player’s Cards and thoughts on having fun together

As the residents at Britten Court busied themselves with an Extra Time Workout Sheet, guided by in-house staff, artists Caitlin and Carrie visited Roman Hill, to find out more about our ‘team’ of players.

Through the creation of personalised Player’s Cards, the children got to consider the skills and goals they bring to the project; they also got to discover a little bit about each other as, coming from different classes within the year group, some of them were meeting for almost the first time.

There’s never enough time to do all we want to in these sessions – but we did get to learn that our team contains children who like meeting people, can make people laugh – and would make cupcakes for everyone.

‘They are going to get fun, which will make them feel happy.’
‘I think they will learn with us.’
‘They will learn more stuff about the outside world and we can learn about what it’s like living in a care home.’
‘They are going to get to know us better and they might get to know themselves better, too.’