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Roman Hill Discoveries at Suffolk Archives

From old school photos and bus timetables, by way of lifeboat heroes, shopping lists, basking sharks and testimonial football matches, the children from Roman Hill discovered an amazing amount yesterday, including a couple of brand new words, as used in Dean’s poem below.

Langled & Galing

Time travelling
snow snowing
gale galing – we’ll do it!

Langled, lashed to the mast
and a house built on a sandpit
or sandfish or sandwich.

Basking shark and blancmange
on a shopping list, handwritten recipe
for pickling white herring.

The red jersey with no.11
for Georgie Best, a saluki dog show
and Southwold to Lowestoft buses
hourly on Saturdays.

Being on a smack in the sea
in the wind, in the snow
in the night, is like being
in a wheelie bin
on a road, down a hill
in Storm Eunice.

9 miles of books
20 million documents
and one pair of baggy
frozen solid trousers.

Roman Hill at Suffolk Archives