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Special Delivery in Lowestoft

It was lovely to be back at Hildesley Court and Pakefield Primary school last week, for the first session of Special Delivery in Lowestoft.

Working with community poet, Dean Parkin, we first went to Hildesley Court, where residents regaled us with stories of their first days at school.

One adult recounted that, on her first day, she went home at break time. When her mother asked her why she was home so early she replied, “Well, we did some work and then they told us we could choose what we wanted to do next, so I chose to come home.”

Each adult wrote a postcard, which we then took to the session at Pakefield Primary. The children quickly set about responding to the questions posed by the adults – and asking a few of their own – as well as sharing some of their favourite words (e.g. rumbunctious) with Dean, who demonstrated how to turn lists of lovely-sounding words into very impressive poetry.

This week, we’ll be working with artist Caitlin Howells, as we explore the art of writing letters – and what’s in a name.