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Telephones, toasters – and the Quest

A huge thank you to Mandy and all her team at the Suffolk Record Office, who made today such a fabulous Special Delivery day.

First, Mandy and two heritage trainees came along to Hildesley Court, with a suitcase full of vintage domestic objects including toasters, telephones and teapots.

The conversations that flowed were astonishing, and moving – from the comfort of a Sunday night bath in front of the fire to the anticipation of toast made on a cooking range and the excitement of standing outside a telephone box, waiting for the phone to ring.

And then it was over to the Record Office itself, with the children from Pakefield and the Special Delivery Quest. Caitlin had prepared some scrolls, each tied with ribbon and sealed with wax. These held a list of questions and the children spent the afternoon researching, admiring, examining and generally being amazed by what they could find … and what they could not.

We’ll be publishing some of their work over the coming weeks, but for now here are just a few happy snaps of today’s Special Delivery.