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Pen Dancing & Pitch Marking

16th January 2024

Green paper white inked drawing with words The start is the dance then the middle bit is all of the footballers passing the ball back and forth to each other


It’s always good to warm up before a game and so, to a medley of popular football tunes, the High Flyers danced their pens across the page.




Two women standing at a table, constructing a brown cardboard box


Then they set to constructing the pitch—with many hands making light work.





A gentleman leans over the cardboard box, marking out the lines


The linesman needed a steady hand, although here I happen to know he’s colouring in some dandelions.




Children seated around a table looking at laminated cards with an adult standing by



The children introduced Magic Heels Potter to the Archive All-Stars, and then finished off the pitches.



Colourful paper characters. Two of them seem to be shouting at each other


The Extra Time spectators, ready to go to the match.





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