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Poetry Slam An-them

This week, the challenge was to perform the poems together and then create a new one by adding some of the Archive All-Stars to the mix.

The teams chatted about the All-Stars, musing over what skills they might bring to our ‘fantasy’ football team.
Suggestions ranged from moonlighting as a waitress–because the player was gripping the cup so steadily–to the Co-op ladies team serving vanilla ice cream during half time and the Bally Boys packing extra boots.

8 school children white T-shirts and maroon jumpers pose for the camera
The Pakefield Pitch Invaders ready for the poetry slam
An adult participant alongside a pupil participant compare photos and notes together
Discussing skills for the fantasy football team and listening to Dean reciting their poems
A mixed group of adults and school children, seated in a semi-circle all focused on something out of camera shot
Listening intently as Dean reads the poem back to them










Song of the Archive All-Stars

Fred Wigg was always keen to lend a hand
To mark out the pitch, he filled bags of sand
Where Terry Butcher accidentally
Kicked the ball way out to sea.

The Bally Boys made fine shoes, they say,
But wore shooting boots on match day.
The Trawler Boys nearly won the cup;
Early on, they went one-nil up.

Co-op Ladies were a sweet-toothed team
For a half-time treat they ate ice-cream.
ECW built coach after coach for us,
But their football team parked the bus.

Lowestoft Ladies were simply the bes-test
They gripped the cup so tight, they
Could’ve been waitresses.

They wave, they wave,
In and out of the game
The Waves, the Waves,
That was their team name.

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