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Forget-me-not Visitors

Our Forget-Me-Not Visitors use a gentle approach and a variety of creative skills to improve the health and wellbeing of older people living with dementia in a medical setting.

Millie-Marigold and Kitty-Dandelion made regular visits to Ipswich Hospital’s older patients who are living with dementia.

Working as a pair, they moved around the wards, sensitively assessing each patient’s need for comfort, inspiration or company, and creating a unique experience for each. You might hear them singing songs along with patients, playing a favourite tune on the ukulele, reciting poetry, storytelling or using dance and clowning to improve someone’s day.

The Visitors create a positive, friendly environment to help patients relax in the unfamiliar setting of the hospital, which helps to ease fear and confusion, reduce isolation and lift the spirits of patients and staff alike.