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Our Place

Through artist residencies in care homes, we put staff, residents and their families at the heart of designing and delivering a more creative and cultural environment to improve health and wellbeing for everyone.

During a series of creative workshops, artists facilitated an imaginative exploration of how staff, residents and their families would like to use creativity to bring positive changes to each home. Our artists then returned for a six week residency to work collaboratively with them to deliver the changes identified in the initial workshops.

Artists worked in a variety of spaces throughout the homes such as the kitchens, gardens and bedrooms as well as communal lounge spaces. They focused on aspects of the environment including care at night, one-to-one engagement with residents, transforming how space is used and connecting homes with their communities.

We also developed a team of Creative Champions within each home, including members of staff, volunteers or family members. Our artists provided inspiration, training and mentoring for the Creative Champions to support care home staff in continuing to use creativity to increase wellbeing.

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