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VR Adventures

VR Adventures brought together 5 artists from Norfolk and Suffolk to explore how their participatory practice could use Virtual Reality to improve wellbeing of people in care settings.


VR Adventures was a research and development project running between February 2020 and April 2021 which brought together a team of Participatory Artists with a Creative Technologist to explore how Virtual Reality and digital technology can be used as part of participatory creative practices to improve wellbeing of people in Hospitals and Residential home.

Artists worked together as a collective to develop and share skills as well as explore ideas of how VR could be used as a tool to engage, inspire and create with participants.


Artist reflections

What inspired this project?

Suffolk Artlink were aware that for those receiving long term medical care or living within a residential home access to the arts and creativity can be limited and wished to explore how the use of Virtual reality and Digital technology could support this.

It was planned that VR Adventures would allow Suffolk Artlink to learn how effective it is to use VR and digital technology in this way.  Through doing this we also planned to explore what levels of engagement are possible in artist led participatory experiences of this type and what the benefits of this are.

Project contact

Alex Casey, Co-Director (she/her)
Suffolk Artlink
Units 13 & 14
Malt Store Annex
The Cut, 8 New Cut
IP19 8BY

Telephone 01986 873955

Project partners, funders and supporters

VR Adventures is delivered in partnership with Broadlands Care Home and made possible thanks to public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England