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SD A Musical Interlude with Maurice and Dean

7 July 2022

A musical interlude with Maurice and Dean


Inspired by images from Suffolk Archives of holiday makers dancing, and subsequent chats with residents about their musical interests, we thought it would be fun to do a bit of singing ourselves.

For this, we were joined by Maurice, who seems able to play just about any tune requested of him.


Starting with a Special Delivery song list with classics like ‘I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter’ and ’Return to Sender’, we spent the morning singing a medley of old songs.


We also sang a brand new one, created by Dean and Maurice and based on items taken from the residents’ Imaginary Scrapbook.

Dancing-along-with-Dean A-Dancing-Dean

Later that same day, over at Roman Hill, Maurice and Dean worked their magic again and had the children singing about different ways to
communicate with one another.

From hiring billboard space on their street to writing in the sand and whispering a message in their dreams, the ideas came thick and fast, and even included sending a tank to the Queen.

You can listen to the children singing their song by visiting the Suffolk Artlink web site, searching for Special Delivery and viewing our blog site at: –

Dear friend I’ve never before

Postcards! Postcards!
Smart phone! Smart phone!
See you later! See you later!

Dear friend I’ve never met before
Here’s a postcard through your door
Tell me something about you
And we’ll share the things we do.

Writing headlines on a cloud
Pineapple pizza is now banned
To a man who drove a coach
We’ll send a note by pigeon post.

(Postcards! Postcards! …)

Draw a picture in the sand
Cast a spell with my hand
Blow a bubble in the air
Wave your hands like you care.

I’ll whisper and I’ll scream
Share my wishes in a dream
Tapping on a trampoline
Send a tank to the Queen.

(Postcards! Postcards! …)

A waggle dance by a bee
A walkie-talkie on a boat
Let’s sign a bright hello
Send a pigeon with a note.

On a billboard in my street
Is a sign that we should meet.
Write on a paper aeroplane
I wanna hear you say my name.

(Postcards! Postcards! …)

Write a headline in a cloud
And make sure you say it loud.
Stick Storm Eunice in a bin
And let the fun begin.