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SD Activity Packs

Suffolk Artlink has years of experience running intergenerational projects in schools, care homes and supported housing units across the county.

Typically, we bring the children and adults together in the same space; that way, they can share skills, learn new ones and create beautiful artwork together, encouraged and inspired by our wonderful team of artists.

It also gives them a splendid opportunity to socialise, get to know and understand the different generations a little better and begin relationships that often last well beyond the project itself.

Whilst we’ve been able to deliver face-to-face to the children in schools, COVID restrictions have seriously limited our access to care homes.

Yet we have managed to meet via Zoom, chat via WhatsApp, share voice recordings via tablets and dance pens together sharing online playlists.

And our wonderful team of artists has produced Activity Packs to ensure that the residents are always connected to the children—and vice versa.

“The residents are always so excited to see what the
activity’s going to be—sometimes we get so involved we spend all day doing it.” Beech House staff

The first Activity Pack asked residents to compose an ‘I am from …’ poem. Not only did they write it down, but several of them recorded it on the iPad, for the children to hear.