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SD Getting to know you

10 May

The children were so excited to open up the huge envelope and find all the lovely poems inside. They were thrilled to receive the Important Invitation—which was to take tea with the residents in their garden at Beech House.

An image of Mary Napier Lincolne

The rest of the session was taken up with creating Polaroid images of themselves and decorating greeting cards.

Using a Polaroid camera to take a portrait is a far cry from a selfie on a mobile phone—not least because you have to wait a few seconds for the image to even begin to appear.

Another difference is that the ‘sitter’ is required to be in profile and should definitely NOT be smiling.

It was a challenge, but one they all managed and soon everyone had created their own version of the Mary Napier Lincolne image.

The photos were mounted in oval greeting cards and individually decorated, using gilt paper and special metallic pens.