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SD Half Term Headlines

1st March – Half Term Headlines

With the children back after the half term break, Dean gets them writing headlines, not only about the things they discovered at the Archives, but things they experienced during the holiday—including Storm Eunice.

Headlines from the Past

Everitts Park Opens (20th June 1929)
Cloud Looks Unusual,
Fishing Village Flooded
Maconochie in a Pickle!
Howard Hollingsworth – The Millionaire with a Big Heart
Lord Russell Sent to Gaol (13th September 1961)
Lovewell Road School Missing Somewhere in Suffolk!

Headlines from the Present

Told Off Again – Why Is This Child So Naughty?
Mouse Found – Caught Eating Pancake!
Five Fence Panels Blown Away in Storm Eunice!
Girl Almost Flew Off Bridge – That’s How Bad The Storm Was!
Handsome Face Found in Clouds – You Would Want To Date Him!
Girl Remembers Human Contact Exists!

Half Term Headlines