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SD I Sent You This … penguin?

8th February – I Sent You This … penguin?

Comparing formal and not so formal ways of addressing a message

In this session, we began by comparing formal letter writing with the less formal approach of sending text messages and using social media generally.

Here’s a letter, starting off one way, and finishing the other.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my total astonishment at the vast difference between formal letter writing and the composition of a simple text message.

I could write at length about it but, TBH, it might produce a TL;DR response and it certainly would not have you ROFL.

ICYMI, capital letters seem to imply one is shouting and accurate punctuation suggests the writer is in a state of some considerable agitation but NVM, just LMK if yer doin OK.

Yours sincerely, GTG!!!

I sent you this …

Why would you send a letter?

When would a postcard be more appropriate?

What do you say in a text?

How do you post magic?

All these questions, and more, were explored in Dean’s ‘I sent you this …’ writing activity.

The I Sent You This poems

Pupils in Dean's session