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SD Off to the Archives

14th February – Off to the Archives

We’re off to Suffolk Archives, with our press packs and a parcel of questions from Broadlands.

Activity Sheet for Archive visit

The residents asked set so many questions for the children, including: –

Who was James Maconochie?

What was front page news on 19th May 1931?

Where was the Fishing Village and what happened to it?

How many documents are in there in the Archives and why do they matter?

Has Nicholas Everitt Park changed over the years?

Where is Lovewell Road School now?

Who was Mr Hollingsworth?

There was so much for the children to look at and find out during their visit, from original hand-coloured maps that pre-dated the building of Broadlands, to newspaper headlines on microfiche and photographs of local parks.

Luckily, the children were able to bring many of the images away with them, so they will be able to continue working on them over the coming weeks.

Opening the Park and the magic of Macononchie

Some of the images