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SD Stomp

26 May 2022

Special Delivery Stomp

Stan's Dancing Pens

This week, Kate compiled an inspired play list, with classics like Artie Shaw’s Special Delivery Stomp, Pat Boone’s Love Letters in the Sand, and the Marvelettes singing Please Mr Postman—and the residents danced their pens across the sheets of paper in time to the beat.

Taking a pen for a dance

Special Delivery Rock and Scroll

Having shared back their Imaginary Scrapbook poem, the residents then came up with several additional suggestions for the children’s visit to the Archives.

They wrote them down on strips of paper, wrapped them up in their dance-decorated sheets of paper and made these fabulous scrolls for the children to take to Suffolk Archives.

The scrolls created by residents

“It was wonderful, seeing how much they were enjoying themselves.”
Britten Court Staff