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SD We meet in person

14 June

A lovely summer’s day, a beautiful garden setting—just perfect for a tea party at Beech House.

“The residents have been so looking forward to meeting the children—they were so excited
to see them.” Beech House staff member

Nerves, cupcakes–and recommendations
This was the first time the children had visited the adults, and some of them were a little nervous before they arrived.

But the nerves very quickly disappeared as they all started chatting away and telling the adults about the Museum and all the fascinating things they could find there.

Beech House gave us such a delicious tea, with homemade cupcakes and biscuits and a huge platter of fresh fruit, including raspberries picked that morning from their own fruit bushes.

And then the children took it in turns to address the whole group, and tell them about their ‘recommendation’ — the exhibit they thought the adults should make a point of seeing in Halesworth Museum.

It was a lovely afternoon and all the children agreed that they couldn’t wait to go back and see the residents again.

Who needs a hat with hair this beautiful Having a chat about favourite exhibits

“I was nervous before we went in, because I didn’t know what to expect—but it was lovely.
I can’t wait to go again.” Pupil