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You’re the Greatest

The two teams came face-to-face in the non-league Poetry Cup final

It was the Britten Court Angels verses, the Roman Hill verses, with Andrew, Jo, Jen and Mrs Robb kept busy running up and down the lines.

But first, some limbering up with Stan made sure both sides were relaxed and ready. This work-out is now a regular part of the weekly routine.

A gentleman stands, arms outstretched with children either side of him, copying his stance

Dean flexed his vocal cords by reading his poem, Grandad’s in Goal.

A large room in which a man stands surrounded by adults and children seated in a circle around him as he reads from a book. Suspended from the ceiling is a halloween decoration of a length of black paper bats

And then, the game was on. Would the team poem be the classic 3-5-2 line up, or would they go for the popular diamond formation?

Mixing and matching the football skills to create a championship poem.

A back view of a gentleman seated in an armchair, holding a strip of green paper with words written on it

A gentleman seated and wearing a blue and white rosette sorts through some strips of green paper laid out on a table in front of hims

Dream Team vs Spitfire Angels

In our green Spitfire Angels shirts, we run out on the pitch.
There’s Stan the Man, always catches the ball
and saves the day.
There’s Regal Rodders, volleys it so hard,
it knocks the keeper out of the way.
And On the Go Joe, up for a corner, heads it
against the post but Jumbo, as fast as a spitfire,
bombs down the pitch, kicks it straight in!

You’re the greatest!! You’re the greatest!!

Pixie runs round in circles, kicks the ball
and narrowly misses the referee.
Trouble Two kicks it straight into the goal,
Trouble One kicks back side!
And Mia dance steps to the penalty
and confuses the keeper… straight into the net!
You’re the greatest!! You’re the greatest!!

Pigtail shoots straight down the middle,
goalie looking the other way.
Maisie’s magic knee hits the ball into the top corner.
Kian’s brilliant double save, and Mia kicks it off the line
but the ball goes back and Concussion Man,
‘faced it’ over the bar. And there’s speedy Lacey
dribbling down the length of the pitch, impressive cartwheels
and Mia saves the goal with her feet
straight over into the other goal.

You’re the greatest!! You’re the greatest!!

The Menace takes a shot straight through the keeper’s legs
Top Mid Mia’s crazy goal — trying to pass but scores instead.
And in the distance, there’s Mrs Robb eating half time oranges
as she drives to the airport, listening to Madonna
And the crowd, the crowd shout

You’re the greatest!! You’re the greatest!!

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