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Getting Ready for the Match

At Britten Court, the team’s prepping for the first match of the season.

They’ve chosen the team name (Britten Court Angels), the kit colours (black shorts and purple shirts), and made sure the pitch is rolled out nice and smooth.

Next, they focused on individual team skills. With ‘Speedy’ Stan, ‘Regal Rodders’, ‘Spitfire’ Alan and ‘Mini Flash Harry’, they’ll be fielding a strong side when the children visit next week.

At last, someone explaining the offside rule

A gentleman looking closely at three small wooden figures inside a cardboard box fashioned to look like a football pitch

Britten Court Angels, resplendent in their purple and black kit colours and a groundsman, inspecting the pitch

That afternoon, the children worked together to mark out the pitches and make rows of spectators for what promises to be a glorious occasion when the two teams come face to face for the first time.

Many hands make light work, marking out the pitch

Two school children using pencils and a white marker to mark out a football pitch inside a cardboard box

“I really enjoyed working as a team.” Mia, Roman Hill Football Club

Rows of hand-decorated paper figures some with initials RHFC on them Roman Hill Football Club
The Roman Hill Football Club supporters out in force

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