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The First Match of the Season

Stan leads the warm-up exercises, waving away any pre-match nerves.

A gentleman stands, arms raised in the air, as a group of school children copy his movements

Together, the teams add details to their players and finishing touches to the stadium, making sure the spectators are positively glued to their seats.

A child points to a spot in a shallow cardboard box, clearly indicating where he thinks the gentleman should glue the paper figures. In the back ground, adults and children work at craft activities, preparing items for the magnetic football game about to start

It’s always good to have a bit of a kick about first, just to get the feel of the ball.

A child sits at a table with a gentleman wearing a burgundy baseball cap. They are holding small wooden football figures attached to sticks and are moving them around on a green piece of paper. Alongside on the table are blue and white rosettes and players cards

Each team has one player on the pitch. Above, a RHFC player takes to the pitch, watched carefully by the ‘opposition’. And then – it’s game on.

A group of residents and school children seated around a table and chatting about football

Head coach Caitlin looks on as a RHFC player takes possession of the ball, whilst referee Jen is thrilled by the players’ skills on the pitch. And then – it’s a goal

Post-match sharing

After the game, the teams enjoyed an amazing fruit platter, courtesy of the Britten Court chefs.

Two silver-coloured platters with a mixture of sliced melon, orange, apples and green and black grapes

Then it was time for the children to share their Player’s Cards and for everyone to get to know a little bit more about each other.

As the children described some of their favourite things, including the joys of a ‘chocolate frapuccino’, the Britten Court Angels studied the children’s cards in detail.

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