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Golden Moments

This was a session full of surprises and delights

Fresh from their trip to the Archives, the children were keen to tell the residents all about the visit and the things they had discovered.

It wasn’t just the Archive All-Stars they talked about; several had found out things specially for the residents, like details about spitfires and pictures of Terry Butcher, and the residents were clearly impressed and moved by what the children told them.

The warm up exercises are a great introduction to the session for everyone

A group of children and adults standing in a semi-circle, doing exercises by stretching their arms side to side. A gentleman is seated in the foreground

On the edge of his seat; this Britten Court Angel is keen to learn more

Two children seated with two adults. In front of them on a low round table are worksheets and pencils. The gentleman sits forward in his chair, paying attention to something drawn on the worksheet

Then it was time to share their discoveries with the residents; it was immediately obvious that they were captivated by what the children had found out.

Two school girls seated at a round table, together with an adult. One child indicates something she's drawn on a worksheet, whilst the other is doing some writing on hers

Talking about the Waves—the Lowestoft Women’s Football Club that won the WFA in 1983 and Terry Butcher gave adults and children alike the chance to share the knowledge and experience.

For example, Stan has his picture of Terry Butcher on the table in front of them.

A gentleman is seated at a table, beside a school girl. On the table are mugs of tea, some fruit and a framed photograph that clearly shows the seated gentleman

Then it was time for the residents to surprise the children—with the beautiful clay discs they’d made the previous week.

The children were well impressed; they spent the rest of the session helping to paint them gold.

Working together like this is a wonderful opportunity to chat, and there were definitely some very kind and considered conversations going on; the children were focused, attentive and absolutely brilliant.

Togetherness is painting a football pitch gold and having a chat

An overhead view of a gentleman and a school girl working on the same clay plaque, painting it gold

Gold daub on a small medal

Close up of a hand holding a small stick with sponge, applying gold paint to a small disc with a hole pierced in it.

Working side by side creatively

One large decorated disc and several smaller clay discs, all patterned with circles, lines and square marks
Lending a helping hand and struggling with the paint pot lid

A gentleman seated, with a white plastic apron, in front of him a cork board on a table, with five small discs cut from his original piece of worked clay

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