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Lean, mean Dean, the Diving Machine

30th January 2024

When Dean visited the Extra Time teams they were quick to share their Players’ Cards and chat about the origins of their nicknames, leading to each team’s Extra Time chant.

A cartoon drawn in red ink showing a figure diving for a football
Lean, mean Dean, the Diving Machine










They were just as speedy in coming up with a nickname for him and so it was that ‘lean, mean Dean, the diving machine’ was born – and he promptly went on to demonstrate just how mean he could be, when faced with a fantasy penalty shoot-out.

Pitch Invaders come and face us

Hero Henry our winning winger
There’s no-one faster
Everywhere Keane heads it …
It’s a blaster

Invincible Isabella is a kind of
Keeper (she’s not small)
Back of the net Elliot
Never Lego a ball

Fast and sharp Naomi
With her magic blue boot (passes to)
Shine on Shona
The crowd shouts ‘SHOOT’

Space defender Yvie sends the ball
Higher … and higher
Black eye Bella
Winds up the Flyers

Potato purturter Sophia
Appeals to the referee
All the time toast Chloe
Leads her team to victory.

High Flyers come and try us

Saintly Doreen, kind and true
Tells the team just what to do.
Steady Eddie,
Makes sure we’re ready.
Speedy Shirley
Kicks off early.

There she goes, Doreen Rose,
Keeping everyone on their toes.
On the spot Dot
Keeps out a lot.
No whistle Trish plays at the back
Pushed up the pitch – plays attack.

Playful Peter, straight and true,
Inside right – and outside, too.
Instant Ina, bully, off, shoots …
In it for the glory? You bet your boots.
Peggy’s in it to win it, kick it and
Spin it in the last minute.

Stitch on the pitch Joan
Takes the cup home.

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