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Mark Making – and Making a Mark

The session at Britten Court this week was all about sporting trophies, from digging them up in a garden to winning them for not being very good at sport (that was Caitlin).

The group then started on their clay lump, rolling it out into a smooth disc before using a variety of implements to mark it, reflecting the lines and circles that would be found on a football pitch.

After that, they cut their large pieces into smaller circles—all except Stan who, having marked out an entire football field, wanted to keep his whole.

Rolling out the clay lump

Adults seated around a table, each with a ball of clay in front of them, which they are rolling out with wooden rolling pins

Using the Extra Time designs to inspire mark making in the clay

An overhead view of two pairs of adult hands, one pair in lightweight blue gloves, working on slabs of clay in front of them


An overhead view of a lady making a series of circles and short straight lines in a clay disc

Chatting about trophies, a complete football pitch marked in clay, and the finished medals, ready to be dried and decorated.

Making a mark

That afternoon, the children finished off their worksheets and shared back with group some of their thoughts and feelings about visiting the Archives.

Writing about Terry Butcher and Jackie Slack, Lowestoft footballing legends

A young boy writes something next to a hand drawn image of a footballer in a green circle on white paper.


A child's hand, holding a pencil and drawing inside a green circle on a white sheet of paper

Once the worksheets were finished, the children shared them with the rest of the group

A school boy in dark uniform holds up his work showing a footballer in a red top on a blue and yellow background

A child showing her worksheet to the group

“The maps were huge – as big as at least two of those tables. We could touch them, but we had to be very careful. There were codes like ‘IS’ – which stands for Infant School.” Quote: Kian, RHFC

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