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Most Significant Change

19th March 2024

This week, we quizzed the players about what had changed for them since they started Extra Time, and what that change meant to them.

The residents told us that the sessions were ‘like therapy’ in that they helped to keep their minds active and open to new ideas, and that they brought people ’out of their rooms’ which was very good for their wellbeing.

The children said that they had done things they’d never done before, that they were ’amazed’ by what they had achieved, and that this made them feel more confident.

The children agreed that the residents had made them feel very welcome, and that had helped a lot to overcome their initial anxieties and build confidence; now they
understood that: –

‘Just because you’re old, it doesn’t mean you can’t do stuff.’

An image of several different words including amazing, enjoyable, fun, brilliant and joyful

Word cloud is made up of the words: Interesting, inspirational, collegial, brilliant, achievement, engrossing, educational, amazing, I’ve loved every minute, perseverance, intergenerational, enjoyable, illuminating, grapes, frustrating, joyful, fun, lovely, fascinating, fabulous, fantastic.

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