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A Memorable Visit to the Archives

From tracing the history of the Maconochie brothers (who knew they invented Pan Yan pickle?) to browsing newspaper headlines in the 1930’s and studying maps that predated the building at Broadlands, the children had a fabulous time at the Archive office in Lowestoft on Monday afternoon.

Armed with a reporter’s pad, a ‘press’ pass and a list of questions asked by residents at Broadlands, the children investigated their local history, including local benefactors who paid for homes to be rebuilt, bequeathed land to the town for use as a public park and produced a tinned stew that was a widely used food ration for British soldiers in front-line trenches during World War I.

None of the children had previously visited the Archives in Lowestoft; by the time they had to leave, they all agreed that not only would they love to come back, but that they’d like to bring their families and friends, to enjoy all the wonderful things they could find there.